My livestream isn't working, stops to load frequently, or is choppy.

If we haven't communicated to you that our stream is having issues, this may be an issue on your end. Here are some things to try.


If your video plays, but stops to load frequently it is most likely an issue with your network speed. Here are some tips for better playback:

  1. Reduce stream quality by selecting the gear icon on the video and selecting a lower resolution (540p instead of 1080p or auto).
  2. Reduce other network usage by making sure other pages you might have open are not actively updating.
  3. Check to make sure other devices on your internet are not actively using the internet (for example, is someone watching a video on a different device?).
  4. If you logged in during one of our live-stream breaks, you may need to refresh your screen to start the programming again. 
  5. Where possible, connect your device to the internet by using an Ethernet cable rather than wireless WiFi, it will often deliver a better streaming experience.