I have concerns and/or critiques about a speaker.

The Festival of Homiletics is an intentionally diverse conference with a variety of perspectives represented.


The Festival of Homiletics invites approximately twenty speakers per year from diverse backgrounds, traditions, and ministry settings. We know that, at times, people may be challenged by a theological perspective or thoughts represented. It is not the Festival’s intention to create a cohesive theological line and we do not censor anyone's preaching or presentations; rather, we hope to engage the complexity of today's culture through the wideness of God's grace and varied presence as revealed to us through the witness of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ.  

When selecting presenters, the Festival of Homiletics is committed to inviting a diverse slate of voices. Each year, a number of factors are at play, including: the chosen theme, participant evaluations from previous years, and speaker availability. While the balance changes from year to year, we hope that there is one thing from each speaker that might inspire your preaching.